If you have questions to a specific topic, our work or you if you just want to say hello, don’t hesitate to write us a message to, or use our contact form. We’re looking forward to hearing from you.

If you want to call us and need to talk english please use the following number:

Sonja Daub: 0172 / 626 4438

Driving school Heidelberg:

Dossenheimer Landstrasse 86, 69121 Handschuhsheim

Phone: (06221) 47 14 18

Driving school Schriesheim:

Talstraße 29, 69198 Schriesheim

Phone: (06203) 93 04 93

Driving school Edingen:

Untere Neugasse 11, 68535 Edingen

Phone: (06203) 89 01 99

Driving school Wilhelmsfeld:

Am Riesenberg 1, 69259 Wilhelmsfeld

Phone: (06220) 92 25 44

Public transportation

If want to visit us by bus or by train, please click on the driving school you want to visit and you'll be redirected to the website of VRN where you can plan your routes.

Route planner to our driving schools